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  1973 & 1974 Pontiac A-body Chrome Exhaust Tips  



Performance Years reproduction
Item: PYR73 

"Excellent reproduction of this rare extension. USA made and plated. Does not have dimple where factory pipe met. 2 1/4" opening. Also fit Grand Am???"

Pontiac part numbers
73 all A except SW RH 490633
73 all A except SW LH 490634
GM list RH and LH although Performance Years lists them as the same.

The '74 Grand Am tip (left) is essentially the same as a '68-'69 Corvette (right) chrome tip. These are readily available from Corvette restoration suppliers. The only difference is the position of the crimping slots where the clamp installs, which you can't see unless you crawl under the car and look closely. Other than that, they are identical.

Pontiac part numbers
74 all A (except Station Wagon)  qty 2  496346 
This part number was superceded by 3952742 

Note that 73 and 74 tailpipes are different due to the differences in chrome tips.

This is the correct style 2-1/4" dia (closed) strap clamp used to attach the chrome tips. 

Reproductions are available from Ames and Gardner Exhaust.

GM part number
67-74 all   9793545