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  1973-1975 Grand Am VIN Decoding  

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One prototype 1973 Grand Am station wagon exists. Since it was built from a Le Mans wagon, it is unlikely that it has an "H" in the VIN.

The 455 SD was cancelled in the A-body before any were released to the public. A few 455 SD engineering and press cars were produced in 1973. Supposedly there was one 455 SD powered Grand Am and three 455 SD powered GTOs (two 4-speeds and one automatic). These were supposedly disassembled and destroyed and no "X" code A-bodies are known to exist today. It is not known if these prototypes even had the "X" in the VIN.

Tim Claremont at www.grandamregistry.com has found numerous examples of 1973 "T" code Grand Ams with 400 2bbl engines. It is not known why this occurred. "T" is the correct code for a 400, 4bbl, dual exhaust as verified by various documents from GM.

Only the 400 and 455 were available in the Grand Am.

No 4-speeds were available with the 455 or with California emissions.

Dual exhaust was required with a 4bbl engine or the optional performance axle ratio.

Early 1973 Grand Am literature suggests that dual exhaust was standard on the Grand Am. This was not true. Dual exhaust was optional. A dealer service bulletin states that a customer could add it to their car at their own expense if desired.

All 1973-1975 Grand Ams appear to have been built at the Pontiac, Michigan plant.

Starting in 1975 all GM cars had a single catalytic converter, thus there was no true dual exhaust.

Bold indicates the possible and most probable combinations for the Grand Am.

VIN Character Position
1 2

3 - 4

5 6 7 8 - 13
 Division Series Body Style Engine Year Plant Production
1 Chevrolet D Le Mans 29 4 door Colonnade sedan D 73 250, 100HP, 1B, S exh
74 250, 100HP, 1B, S exh
75 250, 110HP, 1B, S exh
3 1973 P Pontiac, MI

Starting with

2 Pontiac F Le Mans Sport 37 2 door Colonnade hardtop E 75 350, ???HP, 4B, S exh 4 1974 A Lakewood, GA
3 Oldsmobile G Luxury
Le Mans
35 Wagon, 2 seat F 73 307, 115HP, 2B, S exh
75 260, 110HP, 2B, S exh
5 1975 G Framingham, MA
4 Buick H Grand Am 45 Wagon, 3 seat H 73 350, 145HP 2 B, S exh
75 350, 145HP 2 B, S exh
    1 Oshawa, ON
5 GMC K Grand Prix, Laurentian     J 74 350, 165HP, 4B, S exh
75 350, 165HP, 4B, S exh
Z Fremont, CA 
(thru 74)
6 Cadillac L Catalina, Parisienne K 73 350, 175HP, 4B, D exh
74 350, 185HP, 4B, D exh
7 Chevrolet Canada N Bonneville M 73 350, 150HP, 2B, S exh
74 350,155HP, 2B, S exh
75 350, ???HP, 2B, S exh
8 GM Export P Grand Ville N 73 350, 175HP, 2B, D exh
74 350, 175HP, 2B, D exh
    S Firebird Std.

73 400, 185HP, 2B, D exh
74 400, 190HP, 2B, D exh

T Firebird Esprit

73 400, 170HP, 2B, S exh
74 400, 175HP, 2B, S exh
75 400, 2B, S exh

U Firebird Formula

73 400, 200HP, 4B, S exh
74 400, 200HP, 4B, S exh

75 400, ?? HP, 4B, S exh

V Firebird Trans Am

73 400, 230HP, 4B, D exh
74 400, 225HP, 4B, D exh

Y Ventura

73 455, 215HP, 4B, S exh
74 455, 215HP, 4B, S exh

75 455, ???HP, 4B, S exh

Z Ventura Custom

73 SD-455, 310HP, 4B, D exh
73 SD-455, 290HP, 4B, D exh


73 455, 250HP, 4B, D exh
74 455, 250HP, 4B, D exh

Z 74 400, 180HP, 4B, S exh